This must be on of the biggest perks of living in a city close to the Alps. I mean. How can one ever get tired of this?

Flying back to Italy after a month in Norway followed by a month in Japan, I was feeling kind of.. let’s say down.. After so much time  spent with family and friends that I love and miss(a lot and all the time), in my little, cozy hometown, and then getting to know a completely different culture, meeting new, incredible people and seeing places that were so beyond beautiful that I really didn’t know how to wrap my head around it.. 

It hit me hard that summer is over. So hard. Coming back to falling leaves and a gloomy city, I realized I wasn’t prepared for this. 

Not prepared to come back to an empty apartment. 

Not prepared of the new season.

Not prepared at all for the everyday life to start.

Not to mention completely baffled over how fast time is passing by.

I’v been spoiled. Badly. 

So yes. I had a hard time boarding that plane in Hiroshima. Then the one in Tokyo. Then sleeping on the airport in Paris. Then seeing the “NOW BOARDING” blinking next to Torino on the board in the departure hall. 

But then this scenery(and the free coffee and croissant). 

Makes it all