Italian Summer

This picture pretty much sums up the summer here in Torino, and northern Italy in general, so far: RAINY. So. very. rainy. 

And hearing about the hottest, nicest summer of all times in Norway, doesn´t make things any better.



The past days and nights have been unbearably hot.

This heavy, humid, you-can’t-escape kind of heat.

Nights are spent on the balcony reading, trying to forget the feeling of being suffocated, trying to avoid taking yet another shower, trying to actually enjoy these insane temperatures. 

I wasn’t made for this.

I get stressed.

And I get grumpy.

I try to teach myself it’s impossible to keep the rhythm I would like to. Things will take more time, a little bit more patience and a lot more water.

And that in a few weeks I’ll be back in Norway, and I’ll probably miss this. A lot.